Welcome to “Into The Box”

Don and I have discussed for some time starting a magazine or e-mag, of sorts, for the DF/IR communities.

I thought it would be a good idea to start off with a “why are we doing this” post, and to answer that question, I’ve included the mission statement that Don and I came up with here:

The mission of Into The Boxes – Digital Forensics and Incident Response Magazine is to provide a reliable resource regarding digital forensics and incident response topics, and issues facing the information security and computer forensic communities. The goal of Into The Boxes is to provide quarterly insight into technical and managerial issues in the community through content provided by professionals actively engaged in these activities. Open communications and sharing are critical components to education and advancement, and the contributors associated with Into The Boxes hope to provide consistent and insightful resources that will lead to open discussions and advancements within the digital forensics and incident response communities.

So, this blog will act as an initial resource for communications until Into The Boxes hits the streets, and once that happens, will act as a supporting resource (notification of release, providing responses and table of content information between issues, etc.).

Now, this e-mag is NOT meant to replace anything; in fact, it’s an attempt to augment what’s already out there, by providing additional resources in an easy-to-read and easy-to-manage format.

That being said, the best way to turn this into a valuable resource is to get insight and input from the community…that means you. Feel free to comment here or email us to provide your thoughts, comments, questions, insights, and requests. One word about requests…being just two guys doing this all on our own, please consider this…any request that you have that requires resources (i.e., commercial tools or software, equipment, significant time, etc.)

Harlan Carvey

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