Contributing to Into The Boxes

The staff of Into The Boxes have tried to make contributing to this resource as easy as possible.  You can find most of the information you need right here.  Just look to the right sidebar and you will find links to all of the following information.

  • Into The Boxes – Main page that will change very little but does contain useful information about the next release.
  • Blog Box – You are here. Enjoy and come back often.
  • Collaboration Box – Guidelines to help people understand how to collaborate and get articles published in this e-magazine.
  • Research Box – A list of topics to help authors who are looking for inspiration.  We are accepting requests for articles and these requests will be posted here for us and others to consider as topics for future articles.  Use the Call Box to get us you request or let us know you are working an a particular topic.
  • Mission Box – the mission statement which guides Into The Boxes.
  • Call Box – when you need to contact the staff of Into The Boxes use this web form.  This will notify the proper personnel and we will get to your request as quickly as possible.

Obviously as we move forward we will have more pages with more information.  Starting in the first week of January 2010, with the release of Into The Boxes‘ first issue, we will have pages for curent and previous issues of the e-magazine.  For now, however, simple is better.

Do not forget to subscribe to the Into The Boxes feed so that you are up-to-date with new information about Into The Boxes.  You can also get information about the e-magazine on Twitter by following IntoTheBoxes.

Please let us know if something is missing or needs clarification.  The staff of Into The Boxes will get to your input as quickly as possible.

Go forth and do good things,

Don C. Weber


2 Responses to “Contributing to Into The Boxes”

  1. Kyle Maxwell Says:

    Your page links have problems… they result in 404s (probably don’t need the date for WP pages, only posts).

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