ITB Issue 0x1 – Call For Collaboration

The success of Into The Boxes Issue 0x0 was only possible because of the collaboration provided by members of the Digital Forensics and Incident Response community.  In order for this publication to continue we need more people to step up and provide their input.  As you can see from the first issue we are looking for input that can be implemented by people in the DF/IR fields.  This input can be in the form of detailed articles or quick tips.  All input will be given serious consideration.  The ITB editors will provide authors with recommendations to strengthen their write-ups to ensure the best value to the community and help the authors develop as DF/IR professionals and writers.

Please help ITB by providing your submissions or letting us know about your intent to submit via the ITB Call Box.  We are also looking for article recommendations which we will place in the ITB Research Box so that others have good ideas as to what will help the DF/IR Community.  Obviously, if you would like to contribute but do not know what to write about, check out the ITB Research Box for recommendations.

Go forth and do good things,

Don C. Weber


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