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Into The Boxes: Issue 0x02 projected release date – May 28th or June 4th, 2012
Into The Boxes: Issue 0x02 submission deadline – May 11th, 2012

Into The Boxes is looking for technical and managerial-based articles about Digital Forensics and Incident Response.  If you are interested in writing an article that we could include in future publications let us know via the Call Box.  Here are a few initial considerations:

  1. Pick a topic that is current and involves digital forensic and/or incident response. Although we are primary looking for technical and training articles, management-type articles will be given full consideration. Cutting edge techniques and ideas are just as welcome as guides to current techniques and technologies.
  2. Provide the editors with information about your article. Subject, description, and outline. Title is not important at outset but may be requested before you have finished the editing process.
  3. All authors must be willing to submit their work to an editing process. This is necessary to ensure proper use of language, technical accuracy, and to reduce the risk of plagiarism.
  4. All authors need to adhere to specific deadlines for article submittal. Failure to meet deadlines will impact the acceptance and publication of future articles.
  5. Vendor specific articles can be submitted and will be published on a case-by-case basis. Articles that are openly disparaging to other vendors will be flagged during the editing process and will not be published unless modified appropriately.

Due to the fact that this newsletter will be starting off as an openly published resource, we will unable to compensate authors for articles. We are hoping that this will change in the future and authors who demonstrate consistency and enthusiasm will be given first consideration when this policy changes.

If you are not currently interested in writing an article but do know somebody who is able and willing, please provide them with our website information.

A submittal should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Authors retain all rights to their work but must review and sign publishing release document prior to article publication.
  • Articles should be original and previously unpublished works.
  • Articles need to be compliant with Microsoft Word XP, Open Office 2009, or plain text.
  • Articles can be up to 6000 characters and not exceed 5 pages with images without first contacting editors.
  • Multi-part articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fonts should be 12 point Times New Roman.
  • Instances of italics and bold can be included.
  • Images should be cropped to display the information necessary. Images may be altered slightly for display purposes.
  • Images can be formatted TIFF, GIF, PNG, or JPEG. Prefer high quality JPEG or TIFF. Images may be altered slightly for display purposes.
  • Images of consoles displaying command line information should have white background and black or color-syntaxed text.
  • Text boxes should be used to differentiate between command line and code segments that are not a part of the paragraph flow.
  • Captioning for images, tables, and text boxes should be used and referenced within the article.
  • Table and Figure numbers should be avoided as these will change.
  • Articles including references should do so using the APA formatting. See Son of Citation Machine
  • Hyperlinks should be included as footnotes unless being referred to as a reference.
  • Articles should include a cover page with:
    • Title
    • Author name
    • Company name (if desired)
    • Website
    • Date completed
    • Short description – 256 character limit
    • Short author biography – 256 character limit
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