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ITB DF/IR Tip Contest – Update

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5, 2009 by cutaway

Okay, the ITB DF/IR Tip Contest went off without a hitch.  Well, actually there was one hitch.  I have only found one entry.  Harlan and I have been very busy generating content, getting ITB ready for the January release, and working our day jobs, but I did have time to search for entries using Twitter Search.  I never found any hits with #ITBTIP tag.  But, before I jump to any conclusions I am going to give you a week (till December 12, 2009) to point me to your DF/IR awareness tip.  This tip must have been submitted during the contest timeframe.  So, if you did submit a DF/IR awareness tip for the contest, please use the ITB Call Box and point us to your submittal.  I will be glad to review your twitter history but please be sure to at least include a date and time to help narrow down the search.

Barring that I guess the one submittal will be the best submitted (it is pretty good anyway).  As to the one person who submitted the lone, he did so via the ITB Call Box, so you will just have to await to see his entry.  I would, however, like to thank him for participating.

Have a great holiday season,

Don C. Weber