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Into The Boxes: Issue 0x0

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It is official.  Harlan and I are proud to announce the first edition of Into The Boxes – Digital Forensics and Incident Response Magazine.

Into The Boxes: Issue 0x0

Of course this release would not have been possible if it were not for the contributions of Didier Stevens and Jamie Levy.  These two produced, in our opinion, two very good articles that will benefit your analysis efforts and overall education.  We all owe these two a big thank you for helping us get this effort moving forward.  There were several others who also provided us various forms of encouragement and article submittals but, for various reasons, were not able to provide contend for this publications.  Harlan and I would also like to thank these people as well and let them know we are looking forward to their submittals for Issue 0x1 in addition to their continued verbal support.

This issue contains four specific articles that cover a variety of digital forensic and incident response issues.  More specifically:

Windows Box: Windows 7 UserAssist Registry Keys by Didier Stevens.

This is an analysis of the new UserAssist registry keys binary data format used in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.

*nix Box: Red Hat Crash Memory Forensics – Jamie Levy

This article covers the installation and use of Redhat Crash Utility for Linux memory forensics.

Software Box: Beware The Preview Pane – Don C. Weber

A quick dip into the preview pane functionality provided by AccessData’s FTK Imager and FTK Imager Lite.

Squawk Box: PCI Interview with Harlan Carvey

An interview about digital forensics and incident response as it pertains to Payment Card Industry-related investigations.

As always, please let us know how you feel and provide us with recommendations and article submittals for future ITB efforts.  We look forward to your comments and blog posts about these subjects.

Go forth and do good things,

Don C. Weber